Purveyors of hand made shotguns. AYA truly believe that a true work of art does not simply appear out of nowhere. It begins as an idea in the mind of its creator, who then turns that idea into a tangible form through his skill and artistry. For the final creation to be genuine, this process must remain uninterrupted from conception to completion. This philosophy has been central to the craftsmanship of AYA shotguns since 1917.

AyA Sfera

AYA Sfera

AYA Nº 2

AYA Nº 1

AYA Nº 1 Round Action

AYA Nº 1 ‘de Luxe’

AYA Nº 1 ‘de Luxe’ Round Action

AYA Nº 2 Round Action

AYA Nº 2 ‘de Luxe’

AYA Nº 2 ‘de Luxe’ Round Action

AYA Nº 4/53

AYA Nº 53

AYA Nº 56