AYA Premium

The AYA Premium model  is one of the latest additions to our luxury shotgun catalogue. As other AYA models , the Premium represents the best of fine gunmaking tradition: a shotgun made for lovers of the exquisiteness and excellence in the smallest details. The new Premium model: a luxury, robust and reliable shotgun, made to stand the test of time.

Product Description
•    Forged steel action with double locking mechanism
•    Gas vents valves
•    Gold lined cocking indicators
•    Double triggers with hinged front trigger
•    Locking screws fitted throughout internally optional SST or SNST
•    Chopper lump forged steel barrels w/concave rib standard barrels length 28″ w/other lengths available
•    English engraving style
•    Automatic safety
•    Straight hand,finely checkered oil finished walnut stock
•    Special grade wood
•    Oval for initials
•    Available in case hardened, old silver or white
•    12 – 16 – 20- 28 & 410

The AYA Premium model is available from £17,595 inc VAT.

The AYA Premium Round Action model is available from £18,075 inc VAT – see here for more details.