AYA Nº 2 ‘de Luxe’

AYA’s bestselling Nº 2 shotgun is pitched as the pre-eminent affordable modern sidelock featuring classic English styling.

First introduced by the Spanish gunmaker in the 1950s, the round bodied side-by-side has all the hallmarks of a best London game gun. Mechanically, the Nº 2 is identical to AYA’s top-of-the-range Nº 1 version, originally modelled on the time-tested Holland & Holland system.

Weighing approximately 6¾lb, AYA’s Nº 2 features standard walnut and scroll engraving. The double-trigger sidelock comes with fixed-choke 28in chopper lump barrels as standard but other lengths are available to order.

The Nº 2 is also available in an upgraded ‘de Luxe’ version, which features exhibition-grade walnut, a deeper oil finish and bold foliate scroll engraving, which is produced by laser and finished by hand.

Distributed exclusively in the UK by Anglo Spanish Imports (ASI), the Nº 2 was designed specifically for British tastes and is competitively priced compared to its London-made counterparts.

Product Features Include:

  • Side by Side hammerless sidelock shotgun.
  • Forged steel action with double locking mechanism and gas vents.
  • Hardened steel intercepting safety sears.
  • Gold lined cocking indicators.
  • Double trigger with hinged front trigger.
  • Optional selective or non-selective single trigger.
  • Chopper lump steel barrels.
  • Concave Rib.
  • Straight hand, finely chequered oil finished walnut stock.
  • Wood grade 2.
  • Initial Oval.
  • Automatic Safety.
  • Available with colour hardened, old silver or white finish.
  • 12, 16, 20, 28 & .410 bore.
  • 28″ barrels, with other barrels lengths to order.

The AYA Nº 2 ‘de Luxe’ sidelock shotgun is available from £15,750 inc VAT

The AYA Nº 2 ‘de Luxe’ Round Action sidelock shotgun is available from £16,500 inc VAT – see here for details.