AYA Nº 56

First made in 1941, AYA’s Nº 56 is a top competition double, and a long-time favorite of live-pigeon competitors around the world.

Like guns for trap and skeet competition, pigeon guns must be strong, to endure the firing of hundreds of thousands of rounds. They must also be heavy enough to absorb recoil during days of gruelling competition, yet handle smoothly and point naturally.

To accomplish this, the Nº 56 employs a frame that is wider and heavier than normal at 7½lb for the 12-bore version. This is augmented by a Purdey triple-bite bolting system, and sideclips to eliminate lateral flexing.

The gun is made with a pistol grip and beavertail forend, to allow the shooter a solid hold on the gun. Barrels are extra long – up to 30 inches – and can be ordered with a ventilated rib. The stock and engraving are the same quality as the top-of-the-range Nº 1 model, although special attention is paid to the strength of the grain through the grip, because of the extra stresses of competition.

Distributed exclusively in the UK by ASI, the Nº 56 was designed specifically for British tastes and is competitively priced compared to its London-made counterparts.

Product Features include:

  • Side-by-side hammerless sidelock ejector with wide forged steel action, designed for competitive shooting.
  • Treble grip locking mechanism with sideclips and gas vents.
  • Gold washed internal lock parts.
  • Gold lined cocking indicators.
  • Double trigger with hinged front trigger-single trigger option more usual.
  • Chopper lump chrome nickel steel barrels.
  • Flat, hand file cut rib.
  • Straight hand, finely chequered oil finished highly figured walnut stock.
  • Wood grade 1.
  • Hand engraved with fine rose and scroll engraving.
  • Initial Oval.
  • Automatic Safety.
  • Available with colour hardened or old silver finish.
  • 12-16 and 20 bore.
  • 28″ barrels, with other barrels lengths to order.

The AYA Nº 56 competition gun is available from £31,155 inc VAT.