Gripswell London Pattern

Protect your fingers from hot barrels with GripSwell London Pattern shooting gloves.

Don’t get your fingers burnt! How often has a drive been spoilt because your barrels get too hot to hold? That’s why American glove brand GripSwell has launched an innovative new shooting glove aimed specifically at those with side-by-side shotguns.

Their London Pattern gloves feature two different designs – the barrel hand is protected with a patented heat shield made especially for guns fitted with splinter forends where fingers make contact with hot barrels. While the trigger hand is designed to increase grip and control.

Made from goatskin leather and suede, the brown-coloured gloves feature a velcro fastener and elasticated cuff.

  • Patented Heat Proof Lining
  • Elasticated Cuff
  • Velcro Fastening
  • Left and Right Hand
  • Micro Air Pocket Insulation
  • Scotchgard protected

Price (RRP)  £85