AYA Anniversary

Designed to celebrate AYA’s 50 successful years in the UK market, the Anniversary model is based on the first ever shotgun which was made for the King brothers, who have distributed AYA shotguns in Great Britain continuously since 1958.

The original model was presented by Agustin Aranzabal to Peter King to mark the beginning of a business relationship which went on to become the basis of AYA’s success. Weighing approximately 7¼lb, the Anniversary Shotgun is a top quality hammer gun with automatic ejectors, stocked with special quality walnut, and built on the classic lines of the live pigeon gun, with 30″ barrels and a flat, file cut rib.

Distributed exclusively in the UK by Anglo Spanish Imports (A.S.I), the Anniversary was designed specifically for British tastes and is competitively priced compared to its London-made counterparts.

Product Features include:

  • Forged steel action.
  • “Purdey” style bolt. -Hammer gun with full ejector mechanism.
  • Double trigger, with articulated front trigger.
  • Forged steel chopper lump barrels.
  • Finest scroll engraving with gold inlays.
  • Straight hand stock.
  • Best English style chequering.
  • Gold initial Oval.
  • Available in 12 gauge only.

The AYA Anniversary Shotgun is available from £62,880 inc VAT.