From ready to shoot out the box to hand made and made to measure shotguns, here at A.S.I we are suppliers of some of the world’s finest pieces of craftsmanship to suit a variety of budgets.  All lines are individually picked first hand by our team; who have a discerning eye for quality, style and identifying products that will perform time after time.
Our hand picked selection comes with first class service and a long-standing partnership with the brands that we choose to bring to the UK market. Our fine selection of Shotguns will not disappoint.

AyA Sfera

AYA Sfera

Grand Regal

Grand Regal and Grand Regal Extra

AYA Nº 2

AYA Nº 1

AYA Nº 1 Round Action

Rizzini RB Regal

RB Regal

AYA Nº 1 ‘de Luxe’

RB Regal De Luxe

RB Regal ‘De Luxe’

AYA Nº 1 ‘de Luxe’ Round Action

Rizzini RB Regal Extra

RB Regal ‘Extra’

AYA Nº 2 Round Action

AYA Nº 2 ‘de Luxe’