THE ORIGINAL Trumark wrist-braced slingshot was invented in 1953 and has been manufactured continuously by Trumark for over 45 years. Millions have been sold!

The unique design has evolved over time but has been changed little over the last forty years. It is still as popular today as when it was introduced in 1953. The combination of the flexible aircraft aluminum frame and soft vinyl handle gives it a comfortable feel when drawn back and shot.

Although basic in design, its performance is comparable to more expensive slingshots on the market today.

Trumark TS-9 Slingshot

Trumark TS-9T Slingshot

Trumark TWS-1 Slingshot

Trumark TFS-1 Slingshot

Trumark TFSX-FO Slingshot

Trumark TFSX-2000 Slingshot

Trumark Sling Shot Bands TRR-1

Trumark Sling Shot Bands TRR-2

Trumark Sling Shot Bands TRR-T

Trumark Tracer Ammo

Trumark Steel-Ball Ammo