FX Airguns

Air-powered hunting rifles from FX Airguns can be used where no other rifle would be suitable.

The ability to adjust the power of these rifles renders them safe, silent and extremely efficient when clearing rats and pigeons from buildings and other short-range situations, after which the rifles can be instantly adjusted to cope with small game at greater ranges. Few, if any, hunting rifles offer the versatility of an FX Airguns sportier.

These virtually recoilless rifles can easily place their shots inside a 20mm circle at 50 metres range, and the auto-reload capability of an FX air rifle can have the next shot ready in less than a second, with the semi-automatic models even faster. Fit a silencer to the ready-threaded barrel and you instantly add stealth to your hunting armoury. The modern air rifle opens a vast new world of sporting potential.

FX Indy

FX Wildcat MkII

FX Impact (Silver)

FX Impact (Black)

FX Accessories