Accumax air rifle review from B.D Airguns

ASI are delighted to announce that they have been appointed as the exclusive UK distributor for the Accumax range of air rifles. Accuracy certainly has a new name with Accumax’s super-accurate rifle steel barrel, automatic safety, and vibration-free spring piston design. These air rifles will quickly become a firm favourite. Manufactured to ASI’s exacting specifications and with a lifetime warranty, the quality will speak for itself.


We sent the Accumax to B.D Airguns and they kindly reviewed for us.

A striking and sensibly priced air rifle that shoots absolutely beautifully despite what the low price tag might make you believe. 
The Accumax has been tuned from the outset to be more than just a typical budget plinker. The rifle has been designed to A-S-I’s own specifications and requirements. Thanks to this the Accumax has practically non-existent spring twang, an ergonomic automatic safety at the rear of the action, a lightning-fast lock time, and most importantly.. it has to be accurate. During our testing, the Accumax achieved a sub 5p group with one flyer at 27 yards unrested… with a still dirty barrel we might add!
The rifle is also smooth as silk to cock with a wickedly fast lock time. Another nice feature is the removable rear sight so the rifle can be used either more comfortably with a scope or more old-school with open sights.
The rifle is also as light as a feather and the tough synthetic stock is well up to the task of hunting.  
To top it all off the rifle also comes with a lifetime warranty.. it doesn’t get any better than that!!

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The Accumax air riles will be available in .22 calibres, with synthetic, wood and camouflage stocks. For further information and pricing contact or 01728 688555.