About Accumax


The Accumax range of airguns is the result of a long collaboration between ASI and one of the leading Turkish manufacturers of airguns: the brief was to design and produce an entry level break-barrel airgun which did not suffer from the characteristics which usually plague these guns, namely lack of accuracy, vibration and spring twang. We are delighted to be able to declare ‘mission accomplished’ on all those fronts! The Accumax air rifle outperforms most other guns in its price bracket and even some which are significantly more expensive.


Choose from airguns in black synthetic, wood, or camo finish with a super accurate rifle steel barrel and automatic safety. They are UK legal sub 12 ft/lbs with a silky smooth cocking action and vibration-free spring piston design. They are manufactured to ASI’s exacting specifications and come with a lifetime warranty.


Why choose an Accumax airgun?


Accuracy: Accumax airguns are known for their accuracy, thanks to their high-quality barrels and vibration-free action.


Power: Accumax airguns deliver consistently high levels of power, while remaining within UK legal limits, making them ideal for small game hunting and pest control.


Durability: Accumax airguns are made from high-quality materials and are built to last, making them a reliable and long-lasting choice for serious airgun shooters.