Founded in 1966, Rizzini guns have obtained world recognition, thanks to a perfect combination of workmanship and technology. This has been made possible not only through the personal commitment of the founder, Battista Rizzini, but by the dedication and enthusiasm of his three children, who are all actively engaged in the company, a true family affair.

All Rizzini guns are developed to meet the most demanding needs of the shooter. It is fair to say that, whatever your shooting needs or discipline, Rizzini have a gun solution for you.

Grand Regal

Grand Regal and Grand Regal Extra

Rizzini RB Regal

RB Regal

RB Regal De Luxe

RB Regal ‘De Luxe’

Rizzini RB Regal Extra

RB Regal ‘Extra’


Round Body EM

RB EM de Luxe

RB EM ‘de Luxe’

Exmoor Round Body


Artemis & Artemis Small Frame

Artemis Light

Artemis Light

Rizzini Round Body Classic shotgun

RB EL Classic & Small Frame


Rizzini BR550 shotgun

BR550 (Side-by-Side)